The Design Business Show 073: Get More Conversions Day 6 – Measure Your Data + Get Better Results

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 7, 2020
Check out episode 73 of The Design Business Show to learn what data you should measure to get better results with your launches.

Welcome to Part 6 of Get More Conversions. My name is Melissa Burkheimer and I’m your host, and I’m super grateful that you’re here.

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My sixth tip for getting more conversions is What it Really Takes to Get the Conversion + Measuring Data

When you’re going to promote something on the internet, it’s really important to track the results so you know what to do and not to do next time.

There are a million launch courses out there, but until you’re on a launch team, you’ll never really understand how big a launch really is.

MOST PEOPLE CREATE A COURSE AND A LAUNCH PLAN without realizing how many times, during your launch, you will want to learn from your data, traffic, heat maps and more. LAUNCHING is relatively easy, getting the conversion is not.

Trust me, I know.

Getting that conversion takes…

  • Patience
  • Testing a variety of offers
  • Testing your audiences
  • Testing calls to action
  • Testing landing page format
  • Reviewing your data and making quick improvements
  • Being able to use copy and match it with a design that compliments the marketing strategy
  • Making sure your pages are accessible and mobile ready
  • And making sure your potential customers have an awesome experience before they buy from you

Once you get one sale, you know the offer is solid, but there are several things that need tweaked.

The data you should measure is:

  1. Starting list size / Ending list size
  2. Cost per lead if using paid ads
  3. Number of customers
  4. Webinar sign up number, attendance number, and “bought on the live call” number
  5. Total sales
  6. Earnings per lead (ending list size / total sales)
  7. Profit

Other things you can measure are number of podcast downloads, bounce rate on your website, and the conversion rate of your opt in page.

Simply installing Google Analytics or heat maps will show you the user flow and what people are doing on your sales page.

If you need to make changes mid-launch, it’s important that you remain flexible.

Last summer I was launching my mastermind for designers, and I changed the text on the buttons of my sales page from apply now to book a call.

Either way, they had to book a call with me, and the call booking app I use gives you a chance to ask questions, and when I made the change, I got 50% more calls booked, and had my first 5-figure (in sales) launch.

Launching and selling things online is a long-term game, so remember to keep going.

That wraps up this series showing you how to get more conversions!

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for the next episode coming out to help you get more conversions in your business!

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