The Design Business Show 072: Get More Conversions Day 5 – Create Sales Pages that Convert

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 6, 2020
Check out episode 72 of The Design Business Show to learn to create sales pages that convert.

Learn to use design that converts to help you get more sales!

Welcome to Part 5 of Get More Conversions. My name is Melissa Burkheimer and I’m your host, and I’m super grateful that you’re here.

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My fifth tip for getting more conversions is learning to use design to get more conversions.

Your potential customers want to know what kind of results they could get when they decide to work with you.

And the most important part of your website, landing page, and sales pages is the hero section.

The hero section is the top part of the page that’s above the fold of a desktop computer.

And that’s the part of the website to use to get people’s attention, and then hope they keep scrolling or take action.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on landing page design in the hero section is they have links to all of their about page, their YouTube channel, and all the things in the navigation.

That’s a big no no. The goal of a landing page is for someone to click on the next page, opt-in, or buy. We want them to take action, not watch your YouTube videos.

Now this is different for your website, but I wanted to speak specifically to your landing page and sales page because most people make this mistake.

The next mistake people make is they don’t make it easy for people to understand the end result that their potential clients can get with their copy in the top section of their page.

My favorite ingredients for the top of your sales page are a headline, your branding, and benefit bullets.

The headline on my sales page for sales page design reads Transform your successful launches into record-breaking blockbusters with a premium sales page design.

It’s clear, and you know what you’re getting.

And by branding, I mean a photo, your logo, or something so people know that it’s your product or service.

Your design doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact the more simple the better.

I was shopping on Kate Spade’s website (it’s one of my fave brands) and their gift guide was hard to navigate.

I didn’t know where to click, and the design was pretty, but it was distracting, and not their normal, clean look.

I clicked off the website and ran to the outlet store instead.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for the next episode coming out tomorrow to help you get more conversions in your business!

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