The Design Business Show 081: Client Boundaries all Designers Need with Jason Resnick

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 3, 2020

Jason Resnick helps established online businesses get more customers, repeat customers and create raving fans of their brand. He does this by helping them build a strategy and implement behavioral marketing through automation, email marketing, and on-site personalization.

Jason helps web developers and designers live the life of their own design through coaching and community so they can specialize their businesses and build recurring revenue. This is done through a framework to discover your ideal client, find out their value, how to market to them, and walk away with a plan to move forward and build recurring revenue.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How Jason knew that he’d never work for anyone else
  • The exact moment that Jason knew he was going to start his business
  • Why Jason focused on learning the business side of business after the stopped freelancing the first time around
  • The story behind how Jason pivoted his business and decided to niche down after working in projects in multiple programming languages
  • How Jason now focuses on the customer journey with the clients he works with, and what the transition process looked like
  • How Jason set up his entire customer experience by listening and getting feedback from his clients by creating memorable moments
  • How Jason built a word-of-mouth foundation in his business, and never has spent money on ads
  • How sending one client a gift in the mail has lead to lots of referrals from one client that Jason worked with a long time ago
  • How Jason sets boundaries in his business by over communicating, and being clear about when he’s available and when he’s not
  • Why Jason set up an onboarding sequence in ConvertKit to show his clients how he works with them
  • Why it’s important to tell your clients how you work with them
  • The breakdown of his ConvertKit onboarding sequence for new clients
  • Why Jason created Feast, an online community for designers and developers to help them get out of the hamster wheel
  • How he got the idea to create Feast after getting questions from other freelancers asking him how he built his business
  • Why Feast is different than most online communities and offers things like a 1:1 call with Jason, a custom curriculum, monthly round up calls, and more


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Jason’s onboarding sequence



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