The Design Business Show 087: Finding your Niche and Owning your Brand with Camille Farey

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 13, 2020

Cami Farey is a web design and strategy expert who teaches “real deal” entrepreneurs like you how to swap out their outdated or barely-there websites for a digital presence that reaps dazzling rewards (and results).

Over the years, she’s had the honor of changing the game for award-winning photographers, coaches, copywriters, healers, designers, and so many more.

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Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How I knew I needed to meet Cami after realizing we had mutual contacts and seeing her show up everywhere on my social media
  • How Cami got started as a completely self taught designer
  • When Cami realized she wasn’t happy in her current job at an art museum and knew she needed to take action
  • How Cami left her job and traveled the world leading her to discover travel blogging and online business
  • How Cami started a travel blog with zero design or tech skills
  • How Cami started taking classes to improve her skills for her travel blog but fell in love with tech and design
  • When Cami came home she landed her first client and started pitching to people in her community who were artists and actors
  • How taking B-School early on opened the world of online entrepreneurs to Cami and how her services and clients evolved from there
  • Who Cami works with and how she went from charging $500 to $5000 at the minimum
  • How Cami launched her course Simple Site Blueprint to help people build and design their own sites
  • How Cami used her partner’s website who is an actor to test her website design skills
  • How Cami shopped the website she designed for her partner around and how knew she could help artists by helping them see themselves as entrepreneurs
  • How Cami did informational interviews to figure out what people were struggling with when it came to their online presence
  • How getting vocal on social media lead people to her naturally
  • Why you should always talk about the work you are doing because you never know who is listening or who they know
  • Why designers need to pay attention to their own websites because it is their best portfolio and will help future clients make the decision to work with you
  • How Cami changed her mindset and website to match her quality of work and who she really is
  • The disconnect between how her website was presented and how she was showing up visually for clients
  •  How Cami realized she had branding and marketing problems of her own and how that was leading potential clients to give her no or maybe answers
  • How Cami took action to change her branding efforts which resulted in more yes answers from clients
  • How anyone that doesn’t want to be the face of their brand should put their fears and ego aside
  • How putting yourself at the center of your brand helps clients make decisions and makes it more personal
  • Other options to consider if you can’t bring yourself to be the center of your brand
  • How Cami changed her mindset from thinking of herself as a freelancer and started thinking of herself as a business owner
  • How Cami realized she needed to learn how to sell, how to market and how to get comfortable with money
  • How changing her mindset from thinking of her services as an expense to clients to thinking of her services as an investment for clients helped her attract better clients
  • How getting stuck overthinking your niche on paper is very easy to do and what you should do to find your niche
  • How through doing more work you will be able to narrow down your niche
  • How Cami’s frustrations in past projects lead her to create her signature offer which is her 5 day web design sprint
  • How Cami created Simple Site Blueprint and how she wanted to help people who weren’t ready for a one on one with her but still needed an awesome website
  • How Cami grew her course awareness by leveraging other people’s audiences by doing joint webinars and collaborations
  • How doing one on one work is different than doing course work for mindset and visibility
  • How challenging is has been for Cami to take herself out of the delivery of it and not being there every step of the way for students in her course
  • How figuring out a way to do the work once and then let that work for you over time is important in course work
  • How to put one foot in front of the other and understand it doesn’t have to be perfect right way
  • How everyone should show up, put their work out into the world and see what happens
  • How you can connect with Cami on her website and through Simple Site Blueprint 


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