The Design Business Show 086: Tapping into Your Big Vision with Melanie Moore

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 6, 2020

Melanie Moore helps impact driven visionaries transcend their limiting beliefs so they can gain the clarity they need to fully commit to their vision and impact their world.

She is the host of Big Vision TV and the creator of Global Vision Board Day– online workshops and tapping into your big vision membership community.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How I met Melanie in January 2017 at Business by Design Live where James Wedmore had Melanie leading a Emotional Freedom Technique
  • What EFT is, also known as tapping and how it helped Melanie
  • How leading a tapping session at BBD Live got Melanie thinking about how tapping could help entrepreneurs and business owners
  • How using tapping can help set you up for success when things don’t go the way you thought they would in your business and life
  • How Melanie uses EFT as a motivational tool in her business, Tapping into Your Big Vision to help people
  • How Melanie left her corporate career and started her business 10 years ago
  • How Melanie was faced with the choice of going back to her corporate career or trying to leverage her business online
  • How Melanie focused on tapping using Skype and Zoom when she took her business online
  • How moving her business online gave Melanie the freedom to open up her client base
  • How in 2015 Melanie started doing Vision Board Workshops mostly online
  • How Melanie joined BBD in 2016 and realized she wanted to move her business online
  • Melanie’s first online course, Tapping into Abundance where she started to understand money mindset and tapping to limit beliefs
  • How Melanie asking her audience what their biggest pain points were lead her to launch Tapping into Abundance
  • How Melanie used Facebook Live as a test to see if she could do a workshop online
  • How Melanie has created online communities in private Facebook groups and continues tweaking her online workshops to improve her courses
  • How switching her business to online is different than digital marketing for Melanie
  • How Melanie uses the videos she creates and packages them to put into courses and sells the replays as a Vision Board Workshop
  • Melanie does Global Vision Board Day twice a year- once in June and once between Christmas and the New Year
  • How Melanie is passionate about helping people who want to make big changes in their life but aren’t sure how and how video has helped her reach more people
  •  Melanie’s upcoming event, her June Global Vision Board Day
  • How Melanie opened up membership community to help people stay in alignment with their vision with monthly group coaching
  • The four pillars of Your Big Vision of Abundance
  • How using the four pillars can help you make sure your life is in balance
  •  Where you can find Melanie inbetween her workshops is on her weekly TV show, Big Vision TV where she interviews people who inspire her
  • How Melanie made the decision to close her Tapping into Abundance course and turn it into a membership program
  • How changing to a lower cost membership program helped open up more topics and allowed her to help more people with personal growth
  • What you recieve when you become part of Melanie’s membership program
  • How you can find free content on Melanie’s YouTube channel and Facebook profile 
  • What does the vision of your life look like and how much money you need to earn
  • EFT session with Melanie- Tapping and manifesting a miracle
  • Go to the design business to find Melanie’s YouTube videos and membership site


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Melanie’s Website 

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Global Vision Board Day

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