The Design Business Show 085: How to Position Yourself as High-End with Merel Kriegsman

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 30, 2020

Merel Kriegsman – Business Mentor, helps women break free financially by showing them how to position themselves as the Hermes bag of their industry (high-end!), and charge accordingly.

Her work centers around breaking generational chains of scarcity (AKA copying your moms toxic patterns that kept her financially dependent) – and giving female business owners the skills they need to make as much money they desire. And that… makes them powerful beyond measure.

When she’s not showing her students how to get to 5-figures/mo (for starters!) you can find her in her veg patch with her hubby and tiny daughters, on their 160 acre farm in rural Canada.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How I met Merel in the fall of 2019 at Sage & Tarzan’s Legendary Life Event, where we were both guest mentors
  • The story behind Merel’s “why,” and how in her mid-twenties she did a money challenge and realized she hadn’t earned that much money in her business
  • How earning money by helping people fully healed her
  • How Merel gave up her singing career and learned everything about sales, marketing, and promoting yourself
  • How Merel started her business as a copywriter and how she can help designers with clients and positioning
  • How Merel realized she needed to position herself as high-end & how designers can do the same by not worrying about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed
  • How working hard for your business creates privileges, like setting your own prices
  • How setting financial goals will help you set prices for your business
  • How focusing on your niche, messaging and positioning can help create a business that is referable
  • How Merel uses social proof to leverage herself to potential clients and how you can do the same to change how you position yourself
  • Merel’s process for getting fantastic testimonials and how to help clients through the process so you can attract more customers
  • How Merel’s organic launch made 350,000 dollars without paid traffic
  • How Merel tried to do paid traffic when starting her launch and the lessons she learned from it
  • How Merel uses nurturing as a business tool to get quality numbers for her programs
  • How important the months leading up to a launch are and how you can nurture leads and clients
  • How often Merel is on social media and how often she emails her subscribers each week
  • How nurturing consistently, having personality, not talking just business and sharing credibility will help you convert potential clients
  • Why it’s guaranteed if you open Merel’s emails, you’ll cry, laugh, learn something and make shifts in your business
  • Why Merel doesn’t share service prices publicly or on her website and the reason behind it
  • How if you do your branding well and share social proof, you can create high-end positioning
  • How Merel’s contract and payment process works for clients
  • Why service providers need to be way more badass with their boundaries
  • Merels gift, How to Position Yourself as High-End, for listeners on positioning
  • Merel’s free group, Create your Money Vortex
  • How you can connect with Merel online


Links mentioned:

Merel’s Website

Merel’s Stellar Testimonials Guide

Create Your Money Vortex

Connect with Merel on Instagram

Merel’s gift, Position Yourself High-End in 5 Simple Steps


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