The Design Business Show 084: Creating Profitable Brands with Keshia White

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 23, 2020

Keshia White is the founder of Keshia M. White Designs, LLC. Her agency provides strategic, standout brand strategy, brand identity, and website design for coaches, consultants, and other service providers.

After nearly a decade in corporate America, working in business-to-business sales, from the telecommunications industry to the software industry, Keshia made a pivot to take her business full-time in 2018.

With her corporate background, she brings a unique outlook to the design world, which helps her develop brands and websites that actually support the business goals and objectives that her clients are working towards.

Keshia’s design work has been recognized by the leader in design software, Adobe. She was invited to design a user interface website design kit as part of Adobe’s promotional campaign for their prototyping tool, Adobe XD. And she also conducted web design tutorials over live video from Adobe’s San Francisco studio, sharing her business-focused design process with thousands of up-and-coming designers from all over the world.

Keshia resides in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys cooking, travel, exploring nature, and a good Netflix binge in her spare time.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How Keshia and I connected last summer over Instagram
  • How Keshia got started in the world of design
  • What classes Keshia took to start her web design career
  • What Keshia did after classes and how she used the skills she learned
  • The work Keshia did to earn her first $100
  • How Keshia’s first $100 motivated her
  • Different job experiences Keshia had
  • When Keshia decided to go full time with her web design business
  • How Keshia knew it was time to say goodbye to corporate life
  • What projects Keshia was working on when she decided to make the leap and go full time with web design
  • How Keshia kept her mindset right and surrounded herself with an environment that motivated her
  • What services Keshia offers in her design business now
  • How Keshia meets client needs through her branding program and custom designs
  • How the creation of Keshia’s Branding Program came about
  • What Keshia charges for her website designs and course
  • What Keshia thinks most web designers are missing when they work on websites
  • Keshia’s strategy behind the marketing she does on social media
  • Keshia’s content video topics and where she creates them
  • Advice from Keshia for aspiring designers
  • How you can connect with Keshia online


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Keshia’s website

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Connect with Keshia on Twitter


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