The Design Business Show 083: Development Days, Summits and Making the Pivot with Krista Miller

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 18, 2020

Krista Miller is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and creator of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft websites that directly support their clients’ goals, while helping them simplify their businesses to spend more time doing what they love – design.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • Krista’s first interview, episode 026, on The Design Business Show
  • How I met Krista in 2017 and hired her to develop a sales page for a client
  • Why Krista is reducing the number of custom development projects she takes on
  • The origination of Krista’s new Development Day service
  • How Krista’s new business Summit in a Box has grown
  • What people get when they book Krista for a development day
  • How designers and creatives can implement Krista’s Day Rate service
  • How Krista is able to give accurate estimates for how long a project will take her
  • How Krista gets booked out in advance through specific services
  • How Krista got the idea for her summits
  • How Krista launched Summit in a Box
  • Krista’s upcoming summit, The Simply Profitable Designer Summit, on Monday, March 23 where I am speaking
  • Krista’s advice for people with businesses who want to change directions or try something new
  • Why Krista is bringing back the Simply Profitable Designer Summit
  • How Krista and her podcast co-host, Kory Mae built a community of designers and podcast, called the Get Back to Design podcast.
  • What Summit in a Box is and what Krista is doing to grow this business
  • Krista’s signature offer coming in April 2020
  • How Krista is moving her Summit Host Vault membership to her Summit in a Box product
  • How admin work is different for everyone
  • All of the roles and responsibilities of Krista’s virtual team
  • How to step into being the ideas person as a systems person
  • How I got my idea for Conversion Design School™ from Krista and Kori’s Get Back to Design Podcast
  • How Krista schedules herself through weekly themes

Links mentioned:

Krista’s Website

The Get Back to Design Podcast

My interview on The Get Back to Design Podcast

Krista’s Simply Profitable Designer Summit (<—affiliate link)


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