The Design Business Show 092: The Strategy Behind Blogs and Written Content with Lacy Boggs

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | May 18, 2020

What does it take to have a blog that actually makes an impact for your business? It all starts with strategy. Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, “Make a Killing With Content,” and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals. To learn more, go to

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How I met Lacy from B-School in 2013, and hired her to write my sales page copy in 2016
  • Why Lacy believes blogging is not dead due to the majority of what we consume on the internet being text
  • Why you can’t have design without copy and content
  • Focusing on Why-to content versus How-to content inorder to help customers who don’t need to know how you’re doing something
  • How there’s a story and a why behind every design and how sharing those two things can help create trusting relationships that will make people want to do business with you
  • Lacy explains that without strategy your content won’t matter and the why’s you need to consider behind every piece of content
  • How everyone’s strategy looks different and how reverse engineering to craft your content from your why and end goal  is where you should start
  • Check out The Content Direction Agency website to read different case studies about how they’ve helped people and how it could help your business
  • The story behind Lacy helping on a very successful membership site, driven by organic blog traffic
  • Lacy explains the different services her and her team offer, ranging from monthly retainers for clients, to full launches
  • The story behind how The Content Direction Agency grew organically and how their team is made of women who specialize in all different areas of marketing so their clients receive the best in every department
  • Lacy’s small group program called CIA (Content Intelligence Academy) in 90 days that teaches Lacy’s system for putting together content strategy and a content calendar
  • Lacy explains the biggest thing she’s learned in her eight years of business is that nobody can tell you what’s going to work for your business
  • How you should become a leader in marketing versus a follower in marketing because what works for someone else isn’t going to work for you and your business
  • Why Lacy thinks it’s important as a copywriter to change your copy to match the personality and voice of your client
  • What a brand voice style guide is and how it can help create consistency, especially when you have a client bringing in multiple contractors
  • How you can visit to learn more about Content Intelligence Academy which is coming up in June again
  • Other ways Lacy can help you through discussing strategy or blogging on your behalf
  • Why outsourcing stressful tasks, tasks that aren’t a good use of your time, or tasks out of your wheelhouse is a smart thing to do
  • Connect with Lacy through her website or by checking out CIA in 90 days


Links mentioned

Lacy’s Website – The Content Direction Agency

Lacy’s book- Make a Killing With Content 

CIA in 90 Days 

Lacy’s Voice Identification Process

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