The Design Business Show 098: Living Unapologetically Extra with Jennifer Spivak

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 23, 2020

Jennifer Spivak is the CEO and founder of TEAMSPIVAK, a high-vibe Facebook Ads squad. She has helped hundreds of businesses generate millions of dollars on Facebook and Instagram with many seeing a thousand percent PLUS return on their ad campaigns. Her all female team enjoys crunching data, helping women owned businesses make lots of money and smashing the patriarchy.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How I met Jennifer through our mutual friend, Sage Polaris, by doing a peer mastermind and also how we roomed/traveled together at Sage and Tarzan’s Legendary Life Event
  • Jennifer shares how she went to school for marketing and PR and always knew entrepreneurship was in the cards for her
  • The story behind how Jennifer got started by meeting a guy on Craigslist while she was in college, who was looking to build a visual agency and who needed an intern
  • How Jennifer started off as his intern in college and how they then became business partners and grew their little digital agency into a bigger company
  • Over 4 years they built their company from just the two of them to having 20+ teams, offices in NY and Boston
  • Jennifer realized, as the company had grown, the culture completely changed into a total Boy’s Club, where it was glorified to come in early and stay super late
  • How Jennifer had the idea that she could make just as much, if not more money without working so hard and having to hustle all the time
  • How at the end of 2014, Jennifer left the company to do what she had been doing with a partner, on her own- without the pushing yourself until your dead work, which is where she is now
  • Jennifer explains how an ad by itself doesn’t do anything, it will only work as well as the system behind it works
  • Why ads have to be backed with a great sales page, webpage, etc in order to convert
  • How just because your ad is pretty, doesn’t mean it will work and how you should focus on creating an ad that yields your desired end result
  • Why there is no need to treat Facebook Ads as its own thing, and how all of the same basic marketing concepts apply
  • How Facebook Ads is just a source of traffic and it’s only as powerful as the funnel, foundation and additional touch points that go with it
  • How investing in yourself and making yourself feel good will help your business flourish
  • Jennifer speaks her truth and explains how she lives unapologetically extra and  what “the work is feeling good” means to her and how she lives her life the way she does
  • How knowing what works for you and what makes you feel good is really important, because it’s not the same for everyone
  • One big takeaway Jennifer got from doing Denise’s Money Bootcamp in 2014 was the idea that you have to first have money in order to live abundantly and live in luxury is completely backwards
  • Jennifer shares the story of how she started off small with incorporating abundance, luxury and first class in her life
  • One tip that Jennifer learned from Denise is to change all your passwords to your next income goal so it’s a constant reminder and that way you can wrap your mind around it the more you see it
  • The biggest tip Jennifer says is going back to the work is feeling good, and embodying that person now because there’s nothing you can’t do if you start becoming the match to the thing you want and the money you want to make
  • When you become the thing, or that person, the universe literally has no other choice than to give you what you want
  • How for most of history women have been trained to put their needs second and that’s why it’s important to live unapologetically extra and embrace what makes you feel good
  • Jennifer explains how having this lifestyle isn’t just for her, it’s for the people around her and for the world
  • Connect with Jennifer on Facebook or on her website

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