The Design Business Show 099: From Designer to Launch Strategist with Shaundra Howard

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 30, 2020

Shaundra Howard is a graphic designer turned launch + operations manager for mission driven course creators and coaches. She takes the moving parts and pieces of a launch + business back end and puts them together in super easy roadmaps for the whole team to follow.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How we originally met Shaundra on Episode 14 of the Design Business Show 
  • Shaundra shares how she went from doing everything graphic design to managing the business and operations side of her clients’ businesses
  • Why having a graphic design background has helped Shaundra with managing the business and operations side of things
  • How Shaundra started learning more about how people run their businesses online
  • The story of Shaundra’s first client who needed help with her website, blog images, etc. and also needed help running the back end of her business which Shaundra helped with
  • How Shaundra knew enough about CRM systems to get by and started helping her client with her course launches and membership launches
  • Shaundra shares that she learned about sales funnels, generating leads and how to get people interested in your offer while helping her first client
  • How it was hard for Shaundra to let go of design but decided to so she could create a clear message for her audience
  • Shaundra explains how she finished up design projects for clients and then stop offering design services
  • Shaundra’s launch services include launch mapping and launch management
  • The clients Shaundra works with and how she gets them through social media, client outreach or referrals
  • Shaundra shares what she’s learned over the years, such as making sure you work with people that you will work well with and understanding that there is room for everyone, we all have our place.
  • How Shaundra priced her services when she first started out versus now
  • How Shaundra struggled with asking for the amount of money she wanted to make
  • What you get with Shaundra’s $5,000 offer, where she’ll create a launch map and manage for you
  • What you get with Shaundra’s intensive offer where she creates a detailed launch map for you and your team
  • How Shaundra breaks down her launch maps in four phases
  • Connect with Shaundra on her website or her Instagram

Links mentioned

Shaundra’s Website

Connect with Shaundra on Instagram 

Episode 14 of the Design Business Show


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