The Design Business Show 160: Building Strong, Value-Driven Business Foundations with Angela Henderson

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | October 14, 2021
Check out episode 160 of The Design Business Show with Angela Henderson to learn all about building strong business foundations!

Angela Henderson is an international award winning business coach for women who helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent 5 figure months and then onto 6/7 figure years without burning out in the process, through her group business coaching or her Mastermind for women.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Angela’s Start to Multiple Streams of Revenue

  • How Angela and I connected and have collaborated on many things together, I’ve been on her podcast and even helped her with a sales page for her new program called Every day Payday™
  • Angela explains her background as a mental health clinician and says that her background, along with her 9-month-old son at the time helped inspire her first business, Finley & Me, which was all about creating childhood memories through play, love, and travel
  • When Angela started Finley & Me, they had zero products, zero followers, and no website but when they finished, they had 1,400 different educational products that helped with fine and gross motor skills and imaginary play
  • How Angela saw a disconnect in mothers and started blogging about the loneliness and depression in motherhood, which is how she became one of Australia’s leading parenting influencers and worked with many big brands
  • Having a business and adding her blog was when Angela realized the importance of multiple streams of revenue
  • Angela explains that she would go on coffee dates where people would pick her brain and says after the 14th one she realized she could start a consulting business, which is how Angela Henderson Consulting came about
  • How Angela works with amazing women all around the world because she’s passionate about getting wealth into the hands of women because they are more likely than men to give that back to society

Building Connections + Strong Foundations

  • Angela works one on one with women in her Mastermind, and her group coaching program, Every day Payday™
  • Angela tells the story of how she started working with Netflix, Hilton, and other brands through connections and says she would also reach out to brands and companies when she would travel
  • Your network equals your net worth, which is why Angela cannot stress building connections enough and says never be afraid to ask because the worst thing they can do is say no, but that doesn’t mean it’s a no forever
  • There are 3 main ways that Angela says you can become visible: organically, partnerships, or paid and she explains the unique ways she was able to grow her email list and audience
  • One thing that’s really important to Angela is building her own real estate on her own land because so often she sees businesses come to her saying how great they’re doing on social media platforms but her question to them is what if something changes with those platforms, because if you’re relying on someone else’s real estate what happens to you
  • Angela always suggests people build a really strong foundation for their business and says it might take longer and cost more, but when you do this, it doesn’t matter what happens, you’ll be able to bounce back without it destroying your business completely

The Services Angela Offers + Nurturing Relationships

  • Angela works one on one with clients, has a Mastermind, called Action Takers Mastermind, a 12-month accelerator program called, Profit Pillars and her 4-week accelerator, Every Day Payday, and says she has grown these all pretty much organically
  • How Facebook ads aren’t working in Angela’s favor and how she sees multiple people in the same boat who are freaking out because they’ve built their business on someone else’s land
  • Angela shares some of her strategy which was figuring out how to build connections with people and how to add value to people’s lives
  • How a lot of people will tell you not to run your free Facebook group and spend your time and money elsewhere, but Angela says her free Facebook community, Women in Business Collaborative is one of her number one generating income streams and explains it’s because they nurture relationships and provide value every single day to their audience
  • Angela says her organic growth is directly tied to her mission and shares that her mission over the next 5 years is to ensure she works with an additional 2,500 women to get the tools, community, and resources they need
  • How it’s important for Angela to show up and give back, she does this through her Facebook community, through her podcast, The Business & Life Conversations Podcast, or through other peoples summits and says there are so many ways to give back, lead with value, and in addition make money
  • Angela talks about Bob Burg’s book, The Go-Giver where he talks about the 5 laws of stratospheric success and says those laws have played a role in her leading with value from an organic place
  • We talk about trying to sell without building relationships first, which doesn’t work and Angela says we need to treat people like humans and nurture the connections we make
  • Angela is big on building strong foundations in your business but says you also need to build your audience, nurture your audience and sell to your audience

Angela’s Strategy to Business

  • Angela goes in-depth about the first part of her 3S framework which has to do with where and how are you showing up in your business and says you need to use data in order to see where your audience is and how they’re interacting with you
  • The second thing Angela likes to look at in her 3S framework is the strategy because people can be on the right platform but not be using the right strategy, so she says you need to look at your content pillars to make sure you’re posting relevant and valuable content
  • Another thing to look at with strategy is something Angela calls your promotional rhythm, which is all about weaving promotional strategy into your value-driven content and gives an example of how to do this
  • The last part, which is crucial to Angela’s 3S framework is to ask for the sale – so often women are scared to ask for the sale when in reality it is your job to sell every single day and when you do that, you’re going to make every day a payday
  • What showing up to sell every single day looks like for Angela and how if you infuse your promotional rhythm and ask for the sale, you will be more likely to turn every day into a payday
  • No one, in Angela’s 11 years in business has ever told her that she sells too much, and it’s because she’s strategically asking for the sale while leading with value
  • By not serving your audience every single day, aka selling every single day, Angela says you’re doing a disservice to those people who need you in their world to make their life better
  • Angela reminds us that our business is our responsibility and we can choose to sell or not sell, to be profitable, or go back to our 9-5 job
  • Angela’s 2-hour on-demand Strategy & Goal Planning Workshop where she helps you create strategic goals for your business
  • Check out Angela’s website and from there you can choose how to consume content from her, whether that’s Instagram, her Podcast, or her services
  • Keep an eye out for Angela’s 4-week accelerator, Every Day Payday that will be launching again later this year if you want to get more leads and more sales


Links mentioned:

Every Day Payday™

Angela Henderson Consulting

Action Takers Mastermind

Profit Pillars

Women in Business Collaborative

The Business & Life Conversations Podcast  

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

Strategy & Goal Planning Workshop

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