The Design Business Show 163: Creating Copy that Converts with Quiana Darden

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | November 8, 2021
Check out episode 163 of The Design Business Show with Quiana Darden to learn all about copy that converts!

Quiana is the founder of The Write Choice, a launch copywriting agency where they help coaches & service providers who sell high ticket offers launch and rebrand with authentic conversion copy.

When she initially launched her writing business, she simply wanted to quit her teaching job and work from home while homeschooling her daughter. But, she quickly discovered that she didn’t just enjoy writing, she’d actually found her zone of genius.

Her amazing clients have been featured in Entrepreneur, Essence, TIME, Business Insider and even included on the NYT Best Selling Author’s list.

When she’s not leading her team at The Write Choice, she loves talking all things copy, homeschooling her daughter, going on date nights with her boyfriend and spending time with family.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Quiana’s Start to Copywriting

  • In 2017, Quiana knew she wanted to get out of her teaching job because her daughter was approaching kindergarten and she wanted to homeschool her, so Quiana started testing multiple jobs so see what would allow her to stay home while making enough money
  • Quiana started as a general virtual assistant in 2018 and realized early on that she loved all of the writing projects, so she then became a content marketing writer and wrote for many different clients
  • Through content writing, clients would ask Quiana if she could write sales page copy or webpage copy, which she was a little unsure about but she would take on the projects and the clients would love them so Quiana kept study copy more and more
  • How it took Quiana until 2021 to primarily focus on copywriting and how she specifically focuses on launch copy
  • How the fast pace life of being a teacher has helped Quiana as a business owner because she is used to doing a lot of different things and switching back and forth between projects

Tips for Writing Copy That Converts

  • One tip Quiana gives on writing copy that converts is to share the transformation you are providing to your audience
  • Another element of copywriting is speaking to the audience’s emotions Quiana says because their desire to invest is linked to an emotional desire
  • Quiana explains why speaking to the benefits of your offer and not just the features is so important
  • Quiana recommends her clients do market research before they work with her so they can come in with their market pain points, know why people are coming to them, and know what makes them unique so their copy can be the most valuable to their audience
  • How incorporating storytelling also helps elevate your copy because people respond well to copy that is more personal and feels like it’s sharing something
  • Quiana says your copy should remind your audience what the problem is and what the solution is because they might not understand what their pain point is or know they’re struggling and that you’re the answer
  • Why addressing objections in your copy is important because Quiana says when people are looking to invest, they’re also going to come up with reasons why they shouldn’t
  • Quiana talks about when you should write your own copy and when you should outsource your copy
  • When it comes to creating your offer or copy first, Quiana recommends creating your offer first and then doing a dive deep into every part and detail of your offer so you can create the most valuable copy
  • When creating a sales page, Quiana says should you introduce the offer after you introduce the problem and paint a picture of how their life could be different

The Write Choice Agency

  • One offer they have at the agency is their Launch Copy VIP Day, where you buy the time of one of their writers — they can personalize your day based on your copywriting needs
  • At the agency they also offer a Complete Launch Copy Package where you get the salespage, the email sequence and the landing page for your launch and Quiana says the clients can then add on things like social media copy as well
  • They have another offer for people who need website copy, they offer a 5 page website with SEO and optimized copy
  • Quiana shares that she gets a lot of clients for referrals, facebook groups, and Instagram
  • A lesson Quiana had to learn was asking all of the detailed questions upfront because she realized in the process she originally created, they were having to ask a lot of follow up questions with clients
  • Quiana stresses the value of copy and explains that you can have a great website design for example, but if you’re copy isn’t creating value, telling a story, highlighting the benefits or speaking to your audience, that website will fall flat
  • How copy is not going to solve all your problems if you have other business problems and how you should look at your business as a big picture and realize copy is just one part of it
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