The Design Business Show 193: Passionately Creating a Business Around Your Mission with Paty Ventura

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 8, 2022
Check out episode 193 of The Design Business Show with PatyVentura to learn all about brand evolution!

Paty Ventura is a creative mind with a business brain. She believes in helping businesses conquer their market, launching successful branding, websites & marketing campaigns through her DiamondBase platform.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Paty’s Creative Journey

  • How I found Paty on Twitter through Ari Hale, a guest on Episode 186 of The Design Business Show who shared her episode on Twitter
  • Paty shares that she has always been creative and fell in love with the creative industry as a profession when her parents bought her a camera at 15 years old
  • Through photography, Paty self-taught herself Photoshop and editing and found graphic design – she knew at 16 that she wanted to be a graphic designer
  • Paty went to school for design and received a bachelor’s degree in front-end design and visual development
  • How Paty still does photography today and incorporates it into everything she does
  • When Paty started doing freelance, she would take on photography and design projects but soon realized she was acting as a mini agency and started taking herself more seriously as a business owner
  • What sets Paty apart from other creatives is she tries to set her clients up the right way through her DiamondBase methodology
  • Paty shares that her 4 types of services are websites, branding, marketing, and photography campaigns
  • Last month, Paty hired her first official team member that helps her with copywriting, digital marketing, design, etc.; and says she is considering hiring another person because she realized she needs more help
  • Paty shares that she has been in business on and off for 7 years
  • The primary projects Paty works on are web design projects – anything from e-commerce sites to fully custom solution sites
  • Typically, the clients Paty works with are luxury/minority-owned, and she says at the start, she thought she could work with everyone, but through her rebrand realized that she does have a niche

How Paty Uses Social Media + Her Mission

  • Patty shares some of the wonderful luxury/minority-owned brands she works with
  • Through using Twitter threads, Paty saw her business skyrocket and has been able to connect with her ideal clients and get the projects she wanted
  • Patty says that people don’t take advantage of Pinterest enough, especially those in the creative space – she shares that a pin she uploaded to Pinterest 2 years ago is still driving traffic to her website
  • What works for Paty is repurposing content on Pinterest in Twitter in different ways
  • When Paty works with clients, she gives them presentation-worthy deliverables, which she will resize and put on Pinterest – Paty says she’s able to create 10 – 20 pieces of content on Pinterest that link back to her website from one client project
  • For Twitter, Patty uses the questions she gets from clients, and after answering them personally, she talks about the topic in-depth on a Twitter thread
  • Paty felt that her brand was all over the place, which is why she did a rebrand recently to nail down what she’s doing and who she is
  • On Patty’s social media platforms, she has been talking about what makes her, her, which has to do a lot with her Mexican culture – In her new brand, she incorporates the beauty of Mexico that she sees and wishes others would see
  • Paty’s brand is on a mission to redefine Mexican elegance
  • By revisiting Ari’s Allergic to Hourly program, Paty realized she needed to restructure her business because she had outgrown it – feeling burnt out, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad business owner; you just need to restructure your business and shift your strategy
  • Paty realized she was never going to be able to grow her business if she was doing everything herself, 16 hours a day which is when she decided to get serious about hiring
  • Before, Patty saw hiring someone as a burden, but once she got out of that mindset and thought about where she wanted her business to go, she realized she needed a team
  • Paty is building her business, Casa Ventura, to have a world-class reputation as the go-to creative studio for luxury, minority-owner brands, and products
  • Paty is passionate about helping luxury minority brands and celebrates their wins because they deserve to be on the top shelf, next to CHANEL and DIOR she says
  • While growing her brand in the future, Paty will focus on helping minorities and redefining the elegance of Mexican culture
  • Connect with Paty on Twitter, Instagram, or her website


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