The Design Business Show 221: Get Freedom as a CEO by Implementing Systems with Megan Galane

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 27, 2023
Check out episode 221 of The Design Business Show with Megan Galane to learn about implementing systems.

Megan helps business owners work less, but make more money & impact through simple operational systems. Yes, this sounds SUPER boring, however Megan brings a bubbly personality that makes understanding such a boring topic exciting & empowering for the business owner(s) who may be facing burnout.

Her goal is to share as much helpful information so your audience can take massive action and thanks you for bringing them the missing part that saves their mental health & their business!

Megan has helped multiple 6+ figure service based CEOs remove themselves from their day-to-day so that they can operate in their zone of genius and fully step into their role as the visionary in their empire. Here’s what we covered on the episode:

How Megan Discovered Systems After Experiencing Burn Out

  • Megan shares how she quickly hit burnout from working her 9 – 5 job and running a drop shipping store by herself
  • How Megan got rid of her drop shipping business and started learning how systems could work in a business – she practiced building systems inside her family’s company and realized she really liked it, so she started her own business working for friends and agencies
  • The story of how Megan got her first client, Tiffany Tolliver, who is still a client today, from a high-performance weekend event where she gave a horrible pitch for a package she didn’t even have yet 
  • Megan shares her stressful experience of going up onstage and pitching her idea and how the other women in the room were able to help by telling her what they need as high-performing CEOs
  • It took a while for Megan to realize that her biggest weakness was that she loved to talk to the CEOs about their vision and create systems for solutions to their problems but didn’t want to have to tell them to change some setting in a software (the small details)
  • After a few months, Megan was able to find her COO (chief operating officer), who loves the small details to balance her out in the business
  • Megan shares that they build everything custom for each CEO based on their vision, so each client uses different platforms and software
  • For recurring clients, Megan does a business map each quarter to make sure their vision stays aligned 
  • Megan and her team focus on the systems; they are on call for launches, community calls, etc., so if there are any tech issues, they are handled, and the CEO can focus on being the talent
  • Behind the scenes, Megan and her team are focused on making sure the CEO’s team is engaged, which isn’t something she realized she did until a few clients pointed it out to her

Creating Boundaries + Megan’s Business Systems

  • A lot of times, CEOs have great ideas, but the implementation can be messy, and then it’s the team’s job to fix it, so if Megan’s CEOs have an idea, they talk to her so she can then communicate it, and make sure it matches their systems
  • We talk about setting boundaries with clients, and both share experiences when boundaries were crossed, so we didn’t continue working with those people
  • How Megan goes about helping clients realize the root of their problems – she can fix something in their business, but if they don’t follow it and get to the root of their problem, it won’t really be fixed in the long run
  • Part of Megan’s business map is based on the personal life of the CEO, like if they are exercising, eating healthy, and what their balance is because all of that impacts whether or not they’ll be able to perform well in their business
  • Megan breaks down her business map that they revisit each quarter where they go over different the pillars of business – personal, finances, operations, marketing, sales, implementation, and vision
  • When it comes to systems in her business, Megan says she is a big fan of ClickUp; she has her own CEO Braindump Board where she gets to dump any of her ideas and tasks – it helps her delegate tasks quickly
  • How they are working to put everything in one spot so they don’t have a ton of courses and communities all over the place, and Megan shares they are down to two software platforms, Mighty Networks and ActiveCampaign
  • Megan shares that she has a COO, an HR person, two virtual assistants who help build systems and do project management, and someone who writes all the standard operating procedures for the business and their clients
  • Connect with Megan on Instagram and, shoot her a DM, and check out her website to learn more about her, what she does, and take the quizzes on her site to figure out where you are wasting time in your business and what kind of CEO you are 

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