The Design Business Show 222: Flexible Funnel Strategy with Jenn Robbins

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 3, 2023
Check out episode 222 of The Design Business Show with Jenn Robbins to learn about funnel strategy

Jenn Robbins is the Funnel Stylist. She saves online entrepreneurs from one-size-fits all funnels with her Flexible Funnel Framework. With more than a decade of experience, Jenn offers funnel strategy and copywriting services to 1:1 clients, as well as training and support through workshops, programs, and her membership, the Flexible Funnel Society! Because a good funnel is like the perfect little black dress: versatile, classic, and best when tailored to fit YOU.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

How Jenn Got Her Start + Why Funnels Matter

  • How Jenn and I connected through our mutual friend and met in person around 2018/19 at a couple of different events when our businesses looked different than they do now
  • Before starting her business in 2011, Jenn was a tax accountant because although she always loved to write while growing up, she was told you couldn’t make money as a writer – Jenn ended up being miserable at her job and volunteered to run social media and do blogs at her firm, which she enjoyed
  • After Jenn quit her job, she moved back to Oklahoma, opened a WordPress site, and started taking clients and how it slowly evolved into what she does now, which is funnel strategy
  • Jenn says she made the switch from mostly copy to strategy because she noticed many people were lacking in that department, and good copy and design couldn’t convert unless there were a good strategy behind it
  • How you can’t create the same funnel someone else does for their business because it won’t work for you the same way
  • Jenn defines a funnel as an automated way to build a relationship that she breaks down into 3 different categories: list-building funnels, launch funnels, and evergreen funnels  
  • In Jenn’s business, her goal is to get the audience off other platforms like Instagram and TikTok and into an email list because your email list is something that you own, and it will be the longest lasting
  • People are tired of the over-promising; they want more personality, authenticity, and results  
  • Jenn shares a client story of a PR specialist who had a membership offer, but after going viral on TikTok, realized she didn’t have anything set up for that, so they had to rework her funnel to get her audience off TikTok and to her offer  
  • A lot of people have been going viral on different platforms, which is great, but Jenn is helping these experts with what’s next and how to get their audience off the platform to purchase an offer from them

Flexible Funnel Society + Instagram Trend Opinions

  • Jenn doesn’t see funnels as separate steps; she sees all the funnels as a whole ecosystem that work together, so you’re constantly doing leads and nurturing, and when you’re launching, you might not give as much attention to those funnels but they are still there working
  • Why it’s important to build a relationship before you try to sell to someone right after they join your list
  • We talk about my sales page Trello board, which is a great lead magnet and converts well, but doesn’t have a sales sequence, and how I could set up a sales funnel for it
  • Jenn talks about her membership, Flexible Funnel Society, which helps you understand the foundations of the funnels – there are basic courses that you can access at any time, she does 2 coaching calls a month with anybody in the membership, and she brings in 2 guest experts every month
  • How there are different kinds of memberships, and you don’t have to have one that creates new content every single month – it has to be something that works for you
  • Jenn’s favorite part about her membership is the monthly calls and getting to know her members on a more personal level  
  • When it comes to funnels, some common mistakes Jenn sees are people not having a funnel, overthinking their perfectionism, saying they don’t need an email list, and relying on only one content platform
  • Jenn is excited to start experimenting with posting on TikTok and working with content creators who are experts in their field on TikTok
  • How Jenn can feel something shifting in her business and uses Taylor Swift as an example with the different eras she uses to brand herself and how we all have those different seasons of life but don’t brand them in the same way  
  • We talk about our opinion on the trend of deleting your feed off Instagram and how many brands are doing that when they make a shift in their business
  • Check out Jenn’s Website, where you can find her Funnels 101 Mini Course and Flexible Funnel Society Membership
  • Connect with Jenn on Instagram and TikTok


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