The Design Business Show 244: Strategies for Creating Engaging, Interactive Courses with Nancy Giere

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | September 22, 2023

Nancy Giere is a course creation expert. She works with businesses of all sizes from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies turn their expertise into high profit courses. She creates engaging, fun, and interactive programs that get results.

  • Nancy Giere shares how she on accidentally fell into course creation while working for a bank and was asked to put together training for employees
  • Melissa shares how her background in launch strategy, funnel design, and instructional learning and teaching at her community college helped me understand the importance of what goes into a course
  • Nancy shares how it’s important to look at your entire business and look at how a digital course can fit into your business model and the best way to market it
  • One mistake that people make it they throw spaghetti at the wall, and Nancy uses a phased approach that takes people through a phased approach
  • Another mistake is that course creators aren’t considering the desired outcome and lacking a logical flow
  • Why the introduction and title should be the last thing you write
  • Why it’s important to make sure that your course is a great experience for your audience
  • One simple shift that creators can make is pausing to create a break within your course content to give people a minute to process the info
  • Breaking content into shorter, consumable chunks increases engagement
  • AI tools can provide basic feedback on course content, but deeper level feedback requires personal interaction
  • Why online courses are effective for teaching certain skills, but some skills require feedback and practice
  • Online content allows for scalability and time efficiency in serving more people
  • Shorter content is trending on platforms like TikTok and YouTube and breaking course content into shorter, consumable chunks increases engagement
  • The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) determines if a product is good enough to go to market
  • Nancy also suggests incorporating activities or personal reflections to keep viewers engaged
  • Planning and timing of audience engagement are essential in online presentations
  • Tools like Zoom and Prezi Video enhance the presentation experience without high costs and help you stay on brand
  • Nancy shares how she works with clients in both a done with you and done for you capacity
  • Nancy is turning their book “Bundle Your Brilliance” into an online course using Zoom, and shares how she plans to participants can complete modules, assignments, and receive coaching to give them a really great experience
  • Why Nancy is researching corporate training methods to incorporate into the course for entrepreneurs
  • Nancy shares the strategies she uses for getting clients, including JV partnerships, running her own launches and asking for referrals
  • Nancy shares the inspiration for writing her book, Bundle Your Brilliance and how it drives home a tip that she shared at the beginning of the episode of writing your intro after you create the course

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