The Design Business Show 243: Clearly and Concisely Communicating in a Way that Resonates with Kristen Noelle

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | September 8, 2023

Kristen Noelle is a Copywriter and Online Sales Strategist who helps business owners soulfully sell their high-earning offers. She works with service-based entrepreneurs to transform how they run their business, from “scattered to systemized”. Her framework, Systemize Your Sales, empowers clients to consistently connect their message, attract high-revenue opportunities, and grow their business without all that overwhelm. She offers done-for-you written sales copy and 1-on-1 marketing coaching.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How I was introduced to Kristen through my former guest, Keshia White
  • Kristen shares how as a young girl, she had a big imagination and always wanted to own a business
  • She decided to go to school for marketing, and she started to learn how to craft stories and tell the story about a product and an experience
  • She spent a lot of time learning, and even studied the culture of design and life in Italy
  • Her first job was a government job, but everything about it was uninspiring for her
  • She ended up moving to Thailand, and decided to freelance, and catapulted her dream of helping put their dream out there
  • She tried a little bit of everything, including web design, SEO, influencer marketing, and from there she refined her craft to do what she enjoys
  • She found purpose in helping people put their story out there, and how she really loved the messaging piece of copywriting in addition to strategy

The Kristen explains her point of view on messaging

  • Messaging is the consistent conversation that you’re having with your audience and moves people to take action
  • How she helps people with strategy, systems and soul – and learning more about what your clients are dealing with to help them
  • Kristen shares her thoughts about AI, and why she’s happy for its’ presence, and doesn’t think it will ever replace copywriters
  • Why Chat GPT is a helpful tool, but it needs a human element
  • Why AI is imperfect, it’s just a tool that helps us
  • Why you should clearly and concisely communicate in a way that resonates, and an easy way to do this is by coming up with your own framework
  • Kristen’s process for market research, and why it makes your job a lot easier
  • If you’re a business owner and does your own content marketing; and when you get close to your market to find out more
  • Why you can put market research inside your own framework within your copy and messaging
  • Why it’s important for service providers to have experience working with clients so you can get to know what their actual problems are, and that way you can solve their problems

The breakdown of Kristen’s offers and what they look like now

  • For solopreneurs, Kristen offers done-for-you copywriting and marketing strategy and coaching
  • Why she loves helping her clients train VA’s and their team to help save them time
  • Why it’s important to assess where your clients are at when working with clients
  • Why Kristen thinks it’s important to focus a lot on relationships, consistent conversations, and stop doing what isn’t working for you
  • Kristen flips the switch on me and asks me what my why was, and I share where I’m at now in my business, and I shared

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