The Design Business Show 005: Create a Plan to Grow Your Business

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | November 7, 2018
Double Your Revenue in 90 Days


Grow your design business by creating a plan do grow your revenue in 90 days. Create space for new clients, eliminate what’s not working in your business, set a goal, and get to work to hit your dream revenue goal.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Why you don’t have to offer every design service to everyone who can pay you
  • How I got clients when I first started, what I’m working on now, and what I’m looking forward to working on in 2019
  • Why I think you should work with clients who already want to hire a designer
  • How to look at what you’re currently doing, if you can take on more work or get paid more for the projects you’re working on
  • How many clients do you need each month to hit your goals
  • Why you need to do the math to see how much more money you want to earn each month
  • Real examples of how you can add additional value to your current packages so you can charge more
  • Why you should give yourself 90 days to hit your goals
  • How to become more visible and why I think it’s weird when people notice what you’re up to
  • How going to events can help you get in front of more people
  • Measure your results to see if you hit your goals

The way to grow your business is make space for new clients, stop working on things that don’t make sense, start client outreach, set goals and go do it!

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