The Design Business Show 019: Mastering Your Messaging + Systems with Diana Rickard Coote (Student Spotlight)

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 1, 2019
Listen to episode 19 of The Design Business Show with one of my favorite students, Diana Rickard Coote, about the growth of her design business.

This interview is a part of a series I’m doing where I show off my students and bring them on to talk about their genius, and their story of success. In Episode 19, I’m excited to introduce you one of my students, brand designer and founder of Marcoon Design, Diana Rickard Coote.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why she started her first business, a company that creates baby wraps.
  • The learning curves she experienced when she first started her business
  • How she connected with her accountability partner Chelsea Bell Eady inside of The Design Business Accelerator
  • How the friendship has been mutually beneficial to helping them grow their business
  • Why designers should connect with one another and how they can do it on their own
  • Where she was in her business when she found me
  • What her business looks like this today, and why she loves doing full branding projects
  • Why she niched down, and where she finds her clients
  • How she’s gotten better at managing time and how she juggles the business and 2 kids
  • Why saying no, not giving discounts, and creating + implementing systems helped her
  • Why she no longer offers discounts and how she got more confident
  • How designers can push forward out of their comfort zone to the next level

Links mentioned:

Diana’s website

The Design Business Accelerator Sales Page

The Design Business Show Instagram

Episode 006: Chelsea Bell Eady


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