The Design Business Show 020: Hitting Your First 5K Month with Michelle Balge (Student Spotlight)

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 1, 2019
Listen to episode 20 of The Design Business Show with one of my favorite students, Michelle Balge, about the growth of her design business.

Show notes:

This interview is a part of a series I’m doing where I show off my students and bring them on to talk about their genius, and their story of success. In Episode 20, I’m excited to introduce you one of my students, web designer Michelle Balge, founder of Worth It Designs.

Here’s what we cover:

  • We learn about Michelle’s experience in college and graduating with honors
  • Why she wants to work on projects related to social good
  • How she got her first local project for an HR company
  • Why she’s super active in the mental health community
  • Why she needed help with mindset, structure, and the business side of her design business
  • How I taught her to trust in your abilities
  • Why she loved the design critiques inside of The Design Business Accelerator
  • What results she got from taking my tips of reaching out to people you know or who may know people that could use your services
  • How she landed a bestselling author as a client – and how that improved her confidence
  • The story behind her having her first $5K month
  • What she’s working on now in her design business
  • How clients are reaching out to her versus her reaching out to clients to get work
  • Why it’s good to put yourself in social situations even if it scares you
  • Why she’s so passionate about mental health and being an advocate for knowing the signs

Links mentioned:

Michelle’s Web Site

The Design Business Accelerator Sales Page

The Design Business Show Instagram

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