The Design Business Show 039: Creating Additional Income Streams with Lilah Higgins

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 18, 2019

We first met Lilah Higgins on episode 23 of the podcast, and after the episode, I noticed that she was very active on social media, and had created multiple products to help her build additional income streams. So, I invited her back to give us the scoop!

Here’s what we cover:

  • The breakdown of all of the additional income streams she’s created
  • Why creating these products has helped her take on less clients
  • How even though she hit six figures, she was burnt out
  • The difference between a network and an audience – and why knowing the difference can help you get started with creating additional income streams
  • The story behind her first community that she built
  • Why trying to pitch her 1:1 services to her audience didn’t work – and what she did next
  • Why she thinks designers should start building their list right away – and why a 1,000 email subscribers is better than 10,000 followers
  • Why personal relationships are the key to building your design business
  • The products she created when she first started doing this
  • The process behind how she created her Brand Blueprints
  • The breakdown behind her opt ins and how her funnels work
  • Her process for showing designers the process they can use to create their first funnel or and freebie
  • How she breaks down her social media posts, her opt ins and sharing value
  • What she thinks you should share on your personal FB page and your business page
  • The scoop behind the evolution of her group coaching program, The Forge

Links Mentioned:

Lilah’s first interview

Elle and Company’s Website


Lilah’s Website

Lilah’s free Brand from Scratch Guide

Lilah’s Group Coaching Program


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