The Design Business Show 039: Creating Additional Income Streams with Lilah Higgins

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 18, 2019
Join me for a conversation about building funnels, sharing value, and listening to your audience to help you create additional income streams.

We first met Lilah Higgins on episode 23 of the podcast, and after the episode, I noticed that she was very active on social media, and had created multiple products to help her build additional income streams. So, I invited her back to give us the scoop!

Here’s what we cover:

  • The breakdown of all of the additional income streams she’s created
  • Why creating these products has helped her take on less clients
  • How even though she hit six figures, she was burnt out
  • The difference between a network and an audience – and why knowing the difference can help you get started with creating additional income streams
  • The story behind her first community that she built
  • Why trying to pitch her 1:1 services to her audience didn’t work – and what she did next
  • Why she thinks designers should start building their list right away – and why a 1,000 email subscribers is better than 10,000 followers
  • Why personal relationships are the key to building your design business
  • The products she created when she first started doing this
  • The process behind how she created her Brand Blueprints
  • The breakdown behind her opt ins and how her funnels work
  • Her process for showing designers the process they can use to create their first funnel or and freebie
  • How she breaks down her social media posts, her opt ins and sharing value
  • What she thinks you should share on your personal FB page and your business page
  • The scoop behind the evolution of her group coaching program, The Forge

Links Mentioned:

Lilah’s first interview

Elle and Company’s Website


Lilah’s Website

Lilah’s free Brand from Scratch Guide

Lilah’s Group Coaching Program


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