The Design Business Show 042: Building Relationships, Websites and a Web Development Agency with Brandi Bernoskie

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | July 11, 2019
Get to know Brandi Bernoskie, owner of Alchemy+Aim, a website development and business strategy agency, and hear how she went from starting her business to managing a team of 15.

Brandi Bernoskie is owner and Chief Alchemist at Alchemy+Aim, a website development and business strategy agency that helps thought-leaders and entrepreneurs craft custom websites to enhance client experience and help them step into their genius work.

She has always sought to find new ways to co-create with collaborators and clients, and to connect people with each other and help them craft bigger picture visions for themselves and their companies, by combining insightful questioning with strategic planning. Her path and diverse background (BFA in Theatre with minors in Physics and Math from New York University; BA in Physics, Philosophy and Religion from Rutgers University, and graduate work at University of California San Diego in Philosophy of Science and Science Studies) has informed her work deeply as she integrates the practical with the esoteric to help inspire a new conversations around what we can create in business and life.

Here’s what we cover during episode 042:

  • How I met Brandi, and why we both believe biz friendships are a key element of success as a creative business owner
  • The story behind her original dream of going into theatre and why she changed her mind
  • Why asking “am I willing to give up what I love, to do what I love” has helped her continue to love what she does every day
  • Why she doesn’t think you should sacrifice what you love to do what you love
  • The story behind the A-List client she said no to
  • The perspective she takes when deciding when to take on (or not take on) a client
  • The type of next-level convos you should have when you have a business
  • How much money she made when she first got started
  • The client she got 6 months after she started her business – and how the relationship has grown over the years
  • Her tips for building awesome relationships with clients
  • Why referrals and relationships have been her biggest client attraction method
  • Why her first hire was a project manager and how they helped her
  • The incredible learning experience she had to go through when hiring her first developer
  • What her team looks like today
  • Why 2018 was her best financial year yet, yet one of the hardest years
  • Her tips for those who may have to care for loved ones while running a business
  • Tips for designers who want to go from freelancer to CEO

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Brandi’s Company Website

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