The Design Business Show 041: Claiming Your Magic with Lexi D’Angelo

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 30, 2019

We first met Lexi on episode 12, and hear about her journey of starting a successful coaching and consulting business, and creating her design business. After realizing that she wasn’t into the 1:1 design work, she created a website theme shop to serve more people.

We talk about the struggles she had with creating the theme shop, and what she did to make it easier. She made a quantum shift, and started doing work as a Quantum Transformation Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist for leaders who are ready to fully claim their highest level of prosperity, self-expression + fulfillment on THEIR terms.

She has created a highly effective modality for change called Integrative Alchemy™ which is a potent blend of neuroscience, energetics, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom. By utilizing Integrative Alchemy™, Lexi is able to help her clients ditch the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding them back, and instead, upgrade their Co-Creatrix Coding so they can collapse timelines and experience Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes, instead of years.

Here’s what we cover during episode 041:

  • The update on the tech snafu that happened with her website theme shop, and how she pivoted to a new platform to make them work
  • Tips for designers who want to start their own website theme shop
  • The myth of website themes being “passive income”
  • Why Lexi decided to make a pivot in her business, but no ideas were coming to her because she was so burnt out and depleted
  • Why she knew she needed to focus on her health, wellness and personal development to create success
  • Why Lexi thinks that we need to shift our identity and work with our subconscious programming so that we can reclaim their power
  • Why it’s important to get clear on what we want
  • Why paying attention to your thoughts (and the probable results of these thoughts) is so important
  • How to find the shift and change your thoughts
  • How to get closer to your desired reality
  • Why most of our actions are created from our unconscious thoughts
  • How she creates her offers and why she thinks that any business model that work
  • The strategies she uses to sell her programs – and why she doesn’t use sales calls
  • Tips for using Instagram for selling and why she posts and shares as ideas come to her

Links mentioned:

Lexi’s website

Lexi’s first episode on the podcast

Lexi’s Instagram


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