The Design Business Show 069: Get More Conversions Day 2 – How to Sell Using Strategic Design

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 3, 2020
Check out episode 69 of The Design Business Show to learn how to sell your offers using strategic design.

Welcome to Part 2 of Get More Conversions. My name is Melissa Burkheimer and I’m your host, and I’m super grateful that you’re here.

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My second tip for getting more conversions is really understanding why design matters.

There are a million courses out there showing you how to create a course, launch a product, write your emails, build a membership, but no one is talking about design, and why it matters.

Oh wait, I am! 🙂

I’m going to cut to the chase: attractive design helps you sell more. Design elicits an emotional response in people, and we don’t want them making this emotion, we want them to be eager for more.

Think about it. If you walk into a restaurant and it looks dirty, there’s crap all over the tables, and you see an ant crawling across the counter, you’ll probably walk out.

You want all the digital design pieces that your potential clients access to be clean, easy to follow, easy to use on all platforms, and to create a sense of urgency when you buy.

And remember, accessibility, mobile design and responsive sites are more necessary than ever.

If someone clicks on your website on their old phone and it doesn’t work, they’ll probably click away. And we want them to click buy!

Here are 3 ways you can sell your offer using strategic design:

  1. With smart slide design. Seriously. Giving people who need all the info a slide design to look at that lists everything that’s included with your offer will make them more excited to buy. Whether you’re on stage or doing a live webinar, or even on a 1:1 sales call, visuals always help! I always use slides to sell my sales page services – and it helps create a visual for my clients follow along with while we’re on the call.
  2. Using a sales page. This one is my favorite. With a beautifully designed sales page that is functional on all devices with conversion copy, it’s a great way to sell and promote your offer.
  3. A clean PDF. Seriously. So many people freak out because they think they need a fancy web page to sell their offers, but in reality, they don’t. A simple PDF can do the trick.

Conversion Design helps you sell even more, and a consistent brand helps people remember you.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for the next episode coming out tomorrow to help you get more conversions in your business!

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