The Design Business Show 078: Telling the Story that Leads to the Sale with Nicole Edwards

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 11, 2020
Check out episode 78 of The Design Business Show to hear how Nicole Edwards helps her clients make money by telling the story that leads to the sale.

Nicole Edwards is a copywriter, designer, and brand message strategist who helps brands with personality and creative entrepreneurs tell the story that leads to the sale. From small businesses to well-known influencers, she works with hundreds of businesses helping them generate tens of thousands of leads and develop and implement the creative for 5, 6, and 7-figure launches.

Download her special gift for The Design Business Show Podcast listeners, “13 Brand Message Prompts To Tell The Story That Leads to The Sale,” at

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How Nicole got her start in the design world
  • The first design project that Nicole worked on, and where she learned Photoshop
  • Nicole’s experience working for a nonprofit and corporate wellness company
  • How she met Tara Zirker, who then hired her to be her creative director
  • The type of work she does while working for Tara’s Agency
  • How Nicole uses FB ads in her business + tips for using FB ads in your design business
  • Nicole’s tips for creating clarity in your message throughout your funnel
  • The type of work that Nicole does in her business
  • How Nicole got a working relationship with a social influencer and how designers can set up relationship with a social influencer to do a revenue share
  • The type of projects that Nicole does for her social influencer
  • Why Nicole loves project-to-project based work and how she loves people
  • The story behind Nicole’s new course, The Fully Booked Brand
  • Why it’s different when you launch for yourself versus doing it for your clients
  • How you can get coached by Nicole inside of Successful Ads Club
  • How to find out more about Nicole’s course, The Fully Booked Brand

Links mentioned:

Nicole’s 13 Brand Message Prompts download

Nicole’s website


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