The Design Business Show 079: Finding the Perfect Creative Solution using Print Design with Doris Chung

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 18, 2020
Check out episode 79 of The Design Business Show to hear how Doris Chung finds creative solution using print design for her clients

Doris Chung is a designer and branding expert who amplifies the voice of female entrepreneurs by taking their dreamiest ideas and making them into a beautiful, physical product. She’s the founder of multiple companies including Liquid Ink, a print agency and design studio serving international clients and based out of Toronto. Liquid Ink is the merch solution for female-owned businesses who want to expand their brand with a product line.

Doris believes that the design process starts with a goal in mind, and during her initial client meetings loves to dig deep into the purpose of the product and paint the vision of the value it will bring to her clients’ business. After working with 100’s of entrepreneurs, she knows the best products are the ones that people keep. Doris is also a stationery addict who could talk about the merits of different weights of paper, inks and journals for hours.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • The story of her family history of entrepreneurs
  • How she made her design work her own, and how she started selling all the other types of printing
  • Why she focuses on business goals when she’s working on print design projects for her clients
  • How she gets inspiration for her designs from the movie Dangerous Liaisons
  • How Doris gets her clients from attending local events, and tips for designers who want to attend local events
  • Why showing up consistently and connecting with people helps her get an ROI from her time going to events in person
  • Why genuinely connecting people with the people they need to support them helps Doris get a lot of business
  • How to balance going to events and getting time to produce designs
  • How she works as a print broker, and how the pricing works
  • Her process for delivering her design projects, and how she can a design before it’s even been created
  • How she helped her client, a newborn baby sleep coach, with a card that tells new moms how much sleep babies need at night, and why she thinks about the person who’s taking the card home, and what they’ll do with the card
  • Why and how Doris provides fulfillment services for her clients

Links mentioned:

Doris’s website

Liquid Ink Instagram account 

Doris’s Instagram Account


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