The Design Business Show 119: Attracting Premium Clients with Keshia White

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | November 5, 2020
Check out episode 119 of The Design Business Show with Keshia White to learn about attracting premium clients!

Keshia White is a Business Mentor for new service providers who want to learn how to attract premium clients online. After nearly a decade in corporate America, working in business-to-business sales, from the telecommunications industry to the software industry, Keshia made a pivot to take her branding and web design business full-time in 2018. After running her own business full-time for nearly two years, she now uses her experience to teach new service providers the branding and marketing strategies that they need to attract their first premium clients online.

Past clients of Keshia’s have gone on to gain more confidence in their businesses, create signature offers to sell, and book their first $1,000+ clients after working together. Sign up for Keshia’s free masterclass (exclusively for my community!) to Learn the 3 Steps to Booking Premium Clients Consistently!

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How we met Keshia on Episode 84 of The Design Business Show where she talked about business journey of becoming a website designer
  • The new Masterclass Keshia is teaching exclusively for my community called The 3 Steps for Booking Premium Clients Consistently – Make sure you sign up!
  • Keshia explains the need she saw for early stage entrepreneurs who needed the knowledge on how to create sustainable income to get their business off the ground
  • How Keshia juggled design clients while creating her course at first and then slowly transitioned away from designing websites
  • Keshia tells us how she was charging $1,500 for brand and web design and realized she was undercharging but felt accomplished because it was the most she had ever charged before
  • As Keshia got booked more and more she realized she was undercharging and up her pricing to $2,000 but quickly overbooked herself at that rate to where she was juggling 8-9 clients and had no money left over to hire help
  • How Keshia left corporate America in the fall and made the pivot to premium in the spring where she went up to a $5,000 rate and explains how it was a struggle because she was still booking people who were a better fit for a $2,000 rate
  • Keshia shares that it took a while to start attracting more experienced entrepreneurs and how she had to shift her marketing messaging, elevate her process, refresh her portfolio and shift how she positions herself as a credible person online
  • Life became more balanced for Keshia after she was able to elevate her rate and only take on 2-3 clients per month which resulted in better work quality that clients were impressed with
  • How Keshia uses Instagram and noticed people who followed her there were more beginners and thought they’d be a good fit for an online course geared towards beginners and how she uses LinkedIn to attract people who were more experienced
  • When Keshia left corporate she didn’t have a niche or target market which ended up attracting all kinds of businesses and how she looked back on her projects and picked the coach and consultants niche
  • After picking the coach and consultants niche, Keshia tailored her messaging so it would be relevant to an experienced coach or consultant and gives examples of messaging she used and messaging she avoided
  • Instead of listing the features of the package on her website, Keshia broke it down into stages and highlighted the benefits of each stage and discussed what they would do, which really painted the picture of a transformation
  • How Keshia changed her content by doing a little blogging and more live videos and social media posts, which tended to attract more experienced people, and explains how that made discovery calls easier
  • Keshia explains finding your niche by figuring out what areas interest you because picking a niche you enjoy will help you stay invested in it and how you need to pick a niche that values what you do
  • One of Keshia’s goals was to eventually work off referrals because in the beginning she didn’t have any kind of network and how she teaches social media marketing because that’s what she uses
  • Keshia explains how she used a weekly marketing calendar and explains her own marketing approach she likes to call the 3 C’s where you create content that shows you’re credible, post connection content, and post call-to-action content
  • Keshia shares a way to use Facebook without having to pay for ads is by interacting in Facebook groups with your target clients and being helpful to them by answering their questions
  • The story of how Keshia’s client used her program to help package her data knowledge into an offer she could sell and how after implementing the marketing Keshia outlined, she was able to attract clients online and even have some repeat clients where she charged a higher rate
  • How one of Keshia’s clients followed her organic LinkedIn methods and was able to book a couple of $3,000 clients from that
  • Why LinkedIn feels a bit more empowering to Keshia versus other platforms because once you know the target client you’re looking for, you can specifically look for those titles in bios, unlike other platforms that are have more personalized bios
  • How Keshia used her 3 C’s marketing strategy on LinkedIn, and discovered that storytelling posts performed well
  • Keshia tells us not to let the lack of confidence in the beginning stop you from charging what you want to charge
  • Keshia explains what you will learn in the Masterclass which includes, how booking higher premium clients can help you grow your business faster, differences in marketing that will need to happen if you want to book premium clients, the top 3 fundamentals your business must have in place to attract the premium clients and impress them to get referrals
  • How you’ll also learn about Keshia’s program, The Successful Service Provider and learn how you can actually work with Keshia
  • Connect with Keshia on all platforms @keshiamwhite

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