The Design Business Show 132: Hosting a Profitable Summit with Krista Miller

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 2, 2021
Check out episode 132 of The Design Business Show with Krista Miller to learn all about the profitable summit business she created!

Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and creator of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft websites that directly support their clients’ goals, while helping them simplify their businesses to spend more time doing what they love – design.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Listen to episode 26 and episode 83 of The Design Business Show to hear Krista talk about her story, her development days, and starting her summit business.

We met in 2017 and I share how Krista is a whiz when it comes to making the development look like the PSD and how we’ve worked together on several sales pages over the last few years, I’ve spoken at her summit, and she’s been on my podcast multiple times.

Over the last few years Krista’s business has dramatically changed, and she shares the biggest change that happened in the last year was launching her Summit in a Box program in April 2020.

Krista’s Summit in a Box business is her her main focus but shares she occasionally does Development Days as well.

We touch on our process for collaborating and share that I will get a lead, ask the client for dates and how long the copy is, then give the information the Krista and she’ll say if she can do it and how long it will take her and then she develops it, and it works out perfectly.

How Krista is able to tell how long a project will take with designers she’s worked with before because she knows their style and times herself when she does projects and how if she’s working with a new designer she asks for examples of projects similar to the one they want developed because it does depend a lot on the complexity of the design.

Krista talks about her Simply Profitable Designer Summit, which was the inspiration for her Summit in a Box business and says that the first year of the summit was in April 2018 and that her systems oriented brain really helped here through the process.

The goal of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit is help designers run more efficient and profitable businesses — Krista shares that they’re coming up on their 5th year and the topics for this years summit.

Krista shares the reasons she’s on the fence each year about bringing the Simply Profitable Designer Summit back, one is because the Summit in a Box business is doing so well.

The main offer and goal in Krista’s business is to get everyone in their Summit in a Box program because it’s the product that’s going to help people the most it’s full of 1,000+ resources, including trainings, templates, etc. to help people in every stage of launching a summit.

The Summit in the Box program is a $2,000 offer and Krista explains how they offer smaller stepping stones to help people get ready for like, a $27 offer that’s just the promotional resources.

Before the Summit in a Box program, Krista had a membership that’s purpose was to build up to the program they have now, where she would make new resources and add them to the vault each month and when that was done they re-released it as Summit in a Box.

How Krista has tired all kinds of freebie offers but has never had much success at Facebook Ads paying off, or people consistently converting from a freebie to a $2,000 program which is why she decided to try the $27 tiny offer, which has worked well in her business.

When Krista first started running ads she was spending $5 and wasn’t seeing results, but when she started with her tiny offer she was doing $20 a day, even though her product was $27 but started seeing results so she kept doubling the budget, which has gotten her to $15,000 a month in Facebook Ads and shares she invested in a Facebook Ads Coach.

We talk more about the tiny offer strategy and Krista shares that the $27 buyer tends to be more needy than the $2,000 buyer, so they have set boundaries because of that and says they’re quick to give refunds as well.

How Krista ran her first summit for her Summit in a Box business in September 2020, and says she was terrified because she couldn’t host a summit for everyone in her audience, which is online business owners who want to grow their business, so she had to niche down her summit, but saw great results.

Krista shares that the overall strategy behind her summit for her Summit in a Box business and Simply Profitable Designer Summit wasn’t that different, except she knew where the money was coming from was going to be different and explains where the money was coming from in both.

How there will be another summit for Summit in a Box, but Krista decided she’s not going to co-host again because she likes control, so although her co-host was amazing, they have parted ways and she got to keep the brand since Krista decided to leave, so now Krista has to figure out how she’s going to do something different from what she’s doing.

How I’m a speaker at the Simply Profitable Designer Summit this year, and I’m going to be talking about how to get hired to work on launches using your expertise, even if it’s not design.

For Krista’s first summit, she didn’t have a lot of help, but says she has had a designer forever who helped her, and she hired a VA to help 5-10 hrs. total on her first summit but with how it’s grown, she does have a lot of help now and has a full-time employee who helps with all the easy trainable tasks and says she outsources anything repeatable when it comes to summits or launches.

Krista has always seen a benefit in not trying to figure out how to do something that someone else has already figured out, which is why she has Summit in a Box as well because she doesn’t want someone to guess how to launch and promote a summit when she knows how and could just tell them.

I talk about my experience with launches and touch on some of the topics I’ll be discussing at the summit.

How Krista is pregnant with baby number two and explains that she feels way less stressed than when she had her first daughter and feels good about how things are going to look  — she also shares that she has nothing on her schedule for the rest of the year after her due date because she’s just going to go with the flow and come back to work when she’s ready.

Go to where you will find all the information and some freebies, connect with Krista on Instagram, and designers go signup for the Simply Profitable Design Summit.


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